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The K Diary in San Francisco - "The Big Move"

I had just moved from LA. My dad and my mom got divorced and I, had to pay the price. My dad stayed in LA, but my mom, didn’t. She decided to move back to San Francisco, where she was born.

I wanted to stay with my dad. He was the best man on earth. He always had cuddles to give me and made sure that I was always happy. But my mom, well, we can say that she was strict. She never let me eat sweets, definitely never let me eat ice cream and, if I tried to hug her, she would ground me for a week. She had a strict education when she was a kid.

She never picked on me, because of my dad. He was always arguing with my mom, but she wouldn’t listen to him. Every thing was perfect, and I was happy, until one day, my dad got rich. He won 10 thousand dollars, and bought a factory, where money would flourish every day. Every day, we would win 2 thousand dollars, and very quickly, he became rich.

But he didn’t care about the money. He cared about my happiness. So every week, he would take me out, to shop for new things for me and my room, and then, we would go eat, in a Japanese restaurant. Dad knew that I loved Japanese food and so, he would do this effort, just for me.

But Mom, started getting jealous and argued with my dad even more, until one day, Dad asked for the divorce. My happiness was shortly lived. My Mom, said that she was going to take me to San Francisco and that Dad, would never se me again. And even though, he begged for me to stay, the next day, Mom, got me into the car, and left, with me and all my things. So, now, I’m about to start a new life in San Francisco. I just hope this idea, doesn’t go wrong, both for me, and my Mom.

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